Monday, March 29, 2010

Dream come true

The day finally came that we could take Brody home with us. We are still trying to figure out his sleeping patterns, and understand all his cries. He sleeps a lot during the day, but is awake the majority of the time at night. I am starting to see similar symptoms that Bryson had with his milk soy protein intolerance, but it is only at night so I am just giving it time. I keep thinking I am just being paranoid, and don't want to jump to switching to special formula too soon. Especially because that formula costs 45 dollars every three days (which is about 7200.00 per year). It is so nice to have him home with us, and Bryson LOVES his little brother. Everytime that Brody fusses he walks up and tries to comfort him. He wants to hold him all the time!Brody will go to meet our pediatrician tomorrow, and has lab draw on friday for follow up. I will continue to keep everyone updated with lab results, doctors visits, and milestones that are accomplished!

Please Check Out How Much Bryson LOVES His Little Brother...


  1. So glad he is home with you guys! He sounds just like any other baby....days and nights mixed up. I think it's to keep the mommas on their toes ;) I hope that he doesn't have mspi. Levi was on neocate for awhile...we used to threaten that it was coming out of his college fund! ;)

    I will keep checking for updates. I am just so happy for all of you!!!

  2. That is Great News Kendel.. I'm so happy for you guys. Life is on it's journey back to normal. THose side roads we take sometimes, make us appreciate the good of what we have!!!

    Take Care!!! Greg and Diane Bormann

  3. That is wonderful news Ken! I am so excited for you guys and so glad to hear Brody is doing so well! Can't wait to see the little guy and his new nursery at home where he belongs! Love you! Nicks :)

  4. After having 3 kids with MSPI (only our first one didn't have it), I can fully empathize with you on not wanting to have another baby have it.... but after all Brody has gone through, MSPI would just be a very minor inconvenience!! The price of Neocate is so prohibitive though! I ended up just going on a totally milk and soy protein free diet to be able to keep nursing with 2 of ours. One thing they had me do is go on a milk and soy protein free diet the last trimester of the pregnancy with our youngest. I think it must have helped because she outgrew it around 6 months of age whereas the other 2 were closer to 18 months!
    I am so glad to hear that you are home and able to have a little more normalcy in your lives. Thanks for keeping us posted.