Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yesterday was Brody's due date and seven weeks ago today he was brought into this world.Since my last post, not a whole lot has changed. It turns out he does have MSPI, so is now on a special formula.He is on one that is a step down from what Bryson was on, and much cheaper. We are hoping it continues to work so he can stay on it! The day he was released from the hospital his liver profile came back alittle high. This was strange because all along this had been normal.So they did bloodwork last friday to see if it was getting better, which it was.I took him again today to get this drawn and will find out the results tomorrow at the appointment with his pediatrician. Brody might possibly be making his first trip to Bedford this weekend, that is if we get the okay from his doctor.Doug and I are kind of worried that if something were to happen, theres no hospital really close.I will continue to keep everyone updated as I can. Been alittle busy around here, otherwise I would post more often!

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  1. So glad he gets to make the road trip to Bedford this week-end. When I look at him, and look back at this blog, it all seems so surreal. He is truly a miracle and you are truly amazing parents! I'm glad he's adjusting to his formula, and hope all of you start getting the rest you deserve. I'm still praying the lil' man continues to beat all the odds and he will be cracking that bat and catching that ball before you know it! Love you guys!! Shayla