Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Brody was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon with orders to slowly increase his formula intake and less pedialyte. We went home and everything seemed to be going great. He was happy when he was awake (which he was usually crying), and seemed very comfortable sleeping. All went well until about 5:30 this morning. He awoke me with a horrible scream of which I couldn't calm him down. I tried everything and so finally at 9 am I called his pediatrician. I told her his abdomen was once again distended and hard, and she directed me immediately to the ER for further testing. They did more xrays, blood work, and looked him over. The doctor said the xrays actually looked much better than before, that all the air was distributed evenly as it should be. She said she did notice that his bowels are moving much slower than they should be and needed to contact a GI specialist. The conclusion that they came to was to start him on an antibiotic to help stimulate the movement quickly. She said the blood work came back as expected with increased potassium and elevated liver panel (same as before). There were no further concerns so she sent us on our way to try the antibiotic. He has been given two doses of the med so far, and it seems to be working. There are still times that he seems very uncomfortable but as a whole it has improved.
Doug and I are both extremely exhausted. The hardest part of this whole thing is convincing ourselves not to take the stress out on each other. Bryson is being a normal 3 year old, and getting into a lot of trouble. We both feel like all we are always correcting him, and it's not really fare to him. We keep reminding ourselves that we are not the only ones that life has changed. He has been forced to spend less time with us, and passed around to family members while we are at hospital/doctors visits. It's getting harder and harder to keep that balance of happiness. I am hoping that this will be the end of Brody's pain, but nothing is guaranteed. We go back to the pediatrician tomorrow, and am rescheduling all our specialist appointments that were missed when he was at the hospital.The fundraiser for children's begins tomorrow, and I have a live interview Friday at 2pm. Not for sure if that is when the other interview will be played also. I am heading off to bed, and hoping for a good night!!

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