Saturday, May 1, 2010


As most of you probably already know, Brody was admitted back into the hospital last Tuesday. He continued to be extremely fussy and inconsolable no matter what we did. I took him to his pediatrician and she directly admitted him. They immediately began running tests/ xrays of his abdomen to see if anything was wrong. They did an upper GI that showed that his lower GI was in the wrong spot, or at least they thought. So they showed it to our pediatrician and the surgeons (which by the way are very hard to get motivated to move quickly). The surgeons finally looked at it and decided they didn't like the view that the radiologist got, so he wanted it repeated. Unfortunately, this couldn't be done immediately because he needed to be fasting, and the barium needed to be completely out of the system. So they inserted a NJ tube (which it goes through his nose to the jejunum, the lowest part of the GI tract). They did this hoping that bypassing the stomach would decrease the amount of pain that he was in. However, this didn't work... not only was he crabby but he spit up a small amount of bile.They think the bile was brought up from the tube. The fussiness continued when they were putting the food through him. The next day they did a swallow study to make sure that he wasn't aspirating the liquid to his lungs, which came back normal. The upper GI was still slightly abnormal but the surgeons are not willing to operate not knowing for sure what is wrong. It might be possible that the lower GI is moving around and twisting the intestines and untwisting them. If this is true it would explain the pain...but they can't prove it. Therefore, they sent him home with the NJ tube still in place, and no real answers to whats going on. The last two days he has seemed much more relaxed, so I hope it gets better from here. The GI specialists couldn't figure out what was going on, but will continue to follow him. I will try to keep everyone informed on current conditions and if we find anything out.

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  1. Thanks Kendel for the update.... I hope your days get better soon!!! Mothers Day will be a very special day for you, as you are one strong mother!!! Take Care Love ya! Greg and Diane