Friday, May 21, 2010


The fussiness continued so the doctor decided to send Brody for further testing. She wanted to do an endoscopy with a biopsy of the stomach, abdominal ultrasound, and a follow-up MRI of the brain to rule out further brain damage. The abdominal ultrasound was done last week, and came back normal. The endoscopy also came back normal, but have yet to receive the biopsy results. About an hour ago the doctor called to let me know that she got the MRI results back. She said that the hemorrhage that was present before, is almost completely gone! She said there is only a small amount of abnormal cells, but is not concerned anymore!!!!!!!!!!! We can't believe it...FINALLY some great news! I know we still don't have answers for the fussiness and abdominal distention, but at least we can rule out brain damage as a cause. ITS A GREAT DAY!!


  1. What a blessing! You were overdue for good news. Now things can start to normalize & you can hopefully find a regular routine. I know it's been agonizing and stressful, but it's been amazing to watch you grow and bond as a family, reconnect with your faith, and keep on keepin on even when you weren't sure if you could. You are amazing parents and Brody is a miracle because of the strength & love he gets from you. I look forward to watching him grow up & have all of this be a faded memory. Love you guys! xoxo...Shayla

  2. That's so great!!! I'm so happy for you all. Best of Luck