Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On friday Brody went in for his 2 month check-up and shots. The doctor noticed that his abdomen was pretty distended and hard, but wasn't too concerned because it tended to be this way only after feedings. Over the weekend his sleeping began to get worse, and he was extremely fussy. I began noticing that his stomach never really went down, and he was extremely constipated. So after a sleepless night Sunday I decided to take him to see his pediatrician. She decided to direct admit him to Children's because of everything he has been through, and so they can run tests.This was the beginning of our second longest night ever (first was when he coded). They decided to stop all feedings and do xrays to see exactly what's going on.The upper part of his abdomen was full of air, and the bottom was full of BM. Therefore they decided to start an IV to give his stomach a rest from feedings, but assure that he wouldn't get dehydrated. They also did a straight cath to get a urine culture, blood culture, and worst of all an NG tube in his nose to suck the air out of his stomach.Well he hated the IV and NG tube so he ripped those out twice. So they had to put the IV in his head and keep him very swaddled so he can't get free. Throughout the night he was EXTREMELY fussy! He was so hungry but all we could give him was his pacifier. We had the resident come in at 3 am and we had almost given up and told them to feed him, but he talked us out of it. So by 4 he had began screaming so hard, there was nothing we could do to calm him down. This went on until about 6 when he finally got so exhausted he couldn't cry anymore. The resident came in at 6:30 and gave us the okay to give him pedialyte in small doses. This made not only us happy, but Brody was out after eating his first meal!! We did this for a few feedings, and now they are working on gradually increasing his dose of elecare (formula). The doctor was unsure if she wanted to keep him again tonight until they get him on full feedings again. So far he is tolerating the feedings, but I will keep you posted.


  1. Thinking of you. What a tough little guy. I know this is hell for you as parents, but he's so lucky to have a mom and dad as strong as you are.

  2. Stay strong B-Man! Your mommy & daddy love you very much and are countin on ya to beat these setbacks. Hugs 'n kisses, you cutie pie!! ~Shayla