Monday, March 15, 2010


Today the doctor came in to see Brody, and says he looks very good. His feedings are about the same, and I asked him if I should be concerned that he isn't eating more. He said Brody is completely normal for someone who has been through what he has in his short life, and ECMO babies usually are bad eaters. He said that he is going to continue monitoring his eating this week, and re-evaluate on friday. If at that point he thinks he hasn't improved at all and it is going to take another month or more, they will begin training us to tube feed and send him home. However, if he thinks it might just be another week until he can get the tube out, he will keep him until then. We are kind of nervous to take home such a delicate baby, but at the same time excited to be at home as a family! They took his sutures out of his neck and femor the other day. Also cardiology released him from their care the actual words the cardiologist wrote in his file: "patient completely stable, and too good to continue following with cares".....awesome words to hear:) My next worry is that he may develop the same intolerance that Bryson had, which is milk soy protein intolerance. Hopefully being a couple weeks into the feedings without symptoms means we're in the clear but we will just have to wait and see.

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  1. Ooh....darn mspi. Hope he doesn't have it! Glad he is released from cardiac care! My little niece has to have heart surgery at Childrens soon to close a hole that's been there since birth (she just turned 2). They are so great there that I am hardly worried. I bet I will be that day though.
    I hope you get to take Brody home soon!