Monday, March 1, 2010

New bed!

Brody's chest xray was repeated this morning with no improvement. The doctor decreased his feeding and the amount of fluids he is getting, in hopes that it will decrease the amount of fluid in his lungs. They did another ecchocardiogram this morning and the function of his heart looks good, but his PDA is still not closed. To attempt to get this duct to closed, they have already placed him on ibuprofen twice. The cardiologist said that he wants to try this treatment one more time, and if it doesn't work again they will have to do surgery. This would would be the 5th surgery he has went through. The nurse is beginning to wean him off the incubator, and will be in a crib hopefully by late this evening. This means we can bring him clothes to wear!! He is still fussy at times but I am pretty sure it is because he isn't getting much food yet, and is hungry.

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  1. I'd be fussy too if I had been through all that he has. That will be nice once he is in his crib all dressed up. i will continue to pray for his PDA to close and for his lungs to be rid of the fluid. Hang in there.