Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No more ECMO

We just gave Brody another kiss goodbye...as they prep to decanulate from ECMO. The line goes through the carotid artery straight to his heart. They said the procedure itself will take a few hours. They are going to clamp him off of the machine for at least an hour to see how his heart handles it on it's own. If tolerated, they will then open the area up and take the tubes out. The part that takes the longest is repairing the veins and artery. He said he is going to do his best to save as many of them as he can. The ones that are in worse shape he will have to sew them off. The better conditioned ones he will try to sew back together and repair so they can be used at a later time if needed. We are just praying that his little heart is strong enough to do this on it's own.

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  1. Be strong little guy! You can do this!! I love the pics of your little, tiny foot and hand...just precious!