Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday was a good day for the most part!Brody made the move to the NICU without any problems. The highlight of my day was getting to hold him and change his diaper! I never thought I would ever be so excited to change a poopy diaper! I didn't want to let him go...I could have sat there forever (well, if my bladder would have allowed). The doctor noticed that his blood work that shows kidney function has slowly worsened over the last three days. Just to be safe he call a pediatric nephrologist to come evaluate him. They did an ultrasound at the abdomen, and noticed that one side of one of his kidney's is very swollen. She thinks it's from all the trauma his body has been through and that his body should be able to heal on it's own. She started him on a low dose antibiotic just to be sure that there is no infection there. If it would happen to worsen, dialysis would have to be considered. Today they might take him off the vent!!! He is getting room air through the tube, and they feel his lungs are strong enough to handle it on there own. I will keep you informed as the doctors round on him today.


  1. We are praising God for the miraculous touch He has extended to your family and will continue to pray for precious little Brody's body...we will specifically be praying for his kidneys and that the transition from the vent will go smooth! :o)

    The O'Riley's

  2. We will continue to pray for little Brody and your family. He is a tough little guy!

  3. We're so glad he is doing better and that you were able to hold him! He is so strong already! You are going to have your hands full between those two boys :). We are thinking about all of you each day and keeping you in our prayers. If you need ANYTHING I'm just a phone call away! Love you guys!

    Josh and Sara Rhamy

  4. oh my he looks to teeny.... I bet it was the highlight of his day too, to have his mommy hold him!!!!!

  5. Oh he looks so good in your arms!! I'm sure he's just as happy having mommy snuggle him!! Your love is definitely helping him become stronger!
    He's a little miracle - so glad to hear he's on room air - That's awesome! What a strong boy. Think he's going to be a go-getter!? ;)
    We continue the prayers - Take care! Zeb, Andrea & Jobe

  6. Hey Doug, its Tara Yngsdal from MN (traveled with Kendra to Washington) YOu and your family are in my thoughts. Interestingly enough this is all very familiar to me as I am in my 5th month of training in Electrophysiology at Mayo Rochester and dealing with ablations daily. Good to see that it looks as though things are moving in a positive direction. Wishing you and your little man the best of luck in his recovery!